by Ephemera

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released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Ephemera Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The name Ephemera (ih-FEM-er-uh) is derived from the word 'ephemeral', which is used to describe the shortness of life and the condition of mortality. To us, this is our way of spending the short amount of time we have the way we want to, which is something we encourage everyone to do. ... more

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Track Name: Vultures
You'll never find me searching for your love
You cut those ties when you
turned your back on me
Now its your turn to suffer

You have no power over me

I made it
I made it here without you
You won't ever hear me beg
I'm standing stronger since you left
You walked away

I'll shout it out
These hands they lace together
We're stronger now
No one can save you now

I took a stand and I'll take the fall
We're not backing down
We live and die to watch this all
Turn to dust

Will you still play with fire
once you've burnt every bridge
that you've come across?
Will you still paint yourself gold
once the whole world has seen you
for all you are?

If things get better
I'll still remember
I won't forgive you
That's more than you'd ask of me
And when its over
We'll all grow colder
I won't forgive you
that's more than you'd ask of me
And when you finally see
I will be there to say that I told you so

I saw who you were
when you sat with the vultures
Oh how you've hid your feathers well
my friend
You know the fall is harder
the further you climb
I'll drag you down to hell
with my last breath

My hands they bleed
from clawing at the stones
I'll tear you down
from your pedastal

You'll learn to hate yourself

I've found the truth
Its that we make our own path
No one can carve these steps for you
Stop searching right now
and put a hand to your heart
all that you've needed
was there from the start

I'm stronger than I was
I don't need you anymore

I'm done looking up to you
my feet are planted
I'll make my own sunshine
Track Name: Proclamations
The taste of ashes never was so sweet
As when I burnt the bridges
Between you and me
Take your sorries to the grave
I'm done with you after
all of this/ is the last time
you'll hear from me bitch

This will be the end of us

You watched me drown

This house of cards is burning
I'll press you to the flames
So join me in this final dance
around the issue
I'm choking on the smoke
just so that I can watch your heart stop

Years turned to nothing when you found that/
I had what you wanted
You were always the knife in my back
You're so see-through
Go speak your lies
that's alright
I've got all the love I need
Right here
by my side

The real ones never leave

Three filthy words fell from your lips
we shared the lie
And I swear that if I get my hands around your throat/
I'll silence your deceipt
I'm turning away

Take your promises
to the fucking grave

There's nothing left for you to say to me

Let's get it in
Breathe in the words best friends
choke on the lies that you fed to us
I hope you choke
Track Name: The Letter M
Fuck what you heard about me
The smell of fear excites me
That was my only motivation

They'll never hear you scream
This ends here
The dead commit no crimes
My revenge

Watch me burn
These are the lives you've set ablaze
Watch me burn
I will feel no penitence

You bound me in shackles
to the grave that she filled
On the day I find you
Death will come as a relief

I swear that each sunrise is fraying
these ties that bind
I cling to threads
I'm so afraid of these changes
that I keep seeing in my reflection
You'd be so ashamed if you could see
The blood on my hands

I took them all for you
Washed from these pages
I always wonder
What if I was stronger
That day I failed you
I couldn't save you

I can't
Just let this knife slide
out of my fucking hands
Save me
From this monster I've become
This demon I can't control

Promise me that you won't forget
Hold onto who I used to be

Watch me burn
Burn away
Watch me burn
Turn to gray
Track Name: The Further
Sew my eyes shut
Our dreams suffocate in this
place beyond the veil
blanketed in dark

I cannot remember what my life
was like before these walls
crashed down on me

When they fell they didn't make a sound
We fall so silent

Stop these walls from
screaming out my name
I'd shut myself inside if I wasn't
scared of the company
I've seen this place before
An empty hallway with the grandfather clock
These pictures wither at the sight of me
I'm not at home inside my skin

So could I stay here for the night
Would you be my escape from
the wolves we never knew
A willingness to judge
I took the knife in hand
All I needed was a crutch
Show me, show me whatever
lights there are that I can't see
I don't believe we're ever
surfacing with these hearts in tact

I've seen your face before
An empty smile and eyes that wander
My Midas touch can only create stone
I think its best you keep your distance

Tear the words from my lips
If I were to shout/
you wouldn't hear a sound
Behind this wall of glass
Track Name: Double Tap
Contamination awakens all the fallen
Infecting the beautiful
We strip the flesh
We drank the life
Suffering is all that's left

Curse the day
we harnessed death
Tempting the balance to fall through
The fault was shared between us
We wiped the sun from the sky
Our voices ring so empty

I'll never see the sun the same way
As I did when you were with me
What good is running when we'll never make it
My only hope is that you'll forgive me

All I need another day just you and me

Maddened souls
that feast upon the living
Ravenous and our eyes are set on you
Shiver and tremble
Another part of you awakens
Our only drive is to devour

Corpse cry out to you
Forever lost in this nightmare
Track Name: Amoricide
In the end
what's there left of us to love?
I can't breathe
I swear you burn me out
And with all we've been through
I just can't stand you

I wonder when you'll tell him about
last night
I told you that I could be a place to
hang your head
last night
We played our game again

The webs that you spin
through your fingertips
all burn to the ground
Sometimes its not even clear
what the fuck you're here for
I guess I just love hurting you


Come on don't pull your punches
We both know you're out for blood
Lipstick stains like a fucking murder scene
We both know you're out for blood

Crumbled pages dance around your bed
A certain type of emptiness that pressed its
lips to your legs

Hold your own hand by the fire
Its getting awful cold out here

Don't speak a word
of the mistakes we make each time
we fall back into eachothers' arms
Back and forth
fuck and forget-me-not again
but this time we'll make it work

You stayed the night
for what seemed like old time's sake
You took the cab
and the hangover too
You're probably wondering what it is
that I wrote this for
But I just want you to know
You were my biggest mistake

I left this here for you
In the hopes you'd change
I won't forgive you
But there's room to grow